Laser engraving, as the name would imply, is engraving with a laser (versus rotary engraving which physically carves with a sharp bit). With laser engraving, the laser beam is adjusted to different intensities for each type of material. 

The amazing thing about laser engraving is the level of detail we are able to accomplish. Whether engraving text or a logo, the crispness of the engraving is noticeable. Laser art files are created using a graphic design program and then sent to the machine much like one sends documents to a printer. 

| LOGOS | Yes! We engrave logos daily. Please email your logo file to create@engravemethis.com. Send whatever format you have (pdf, ai, png, jpg, or jpg) for our review. The higher the resolution, the nicer the engraving.

| WOOD |  The laser has two affects on wood, both etching it and branding it. The engraving can easily be felt and some woods also turn a rich chocolate brown when engraved. The beautiful thing about wood is the natural variety of the wood's grain and tone. Each piece of wood contains a bit of mystery that is revealed upon pulling it out of the laser.

| SLATE | Slate is our favorite natural stone to engrave. The laser turns the charcoal colored stone off-white where engraved. The result is a dramatic black and white look that combines nicely with so many different decor styles from rustic to modern. 

| LEATHER | The laser removes the surface layer of the leather exposing the suede-like layer of leather. Brown leather will change color, normally darker, while black leather often creates a black on black textured design similar to embossing but with texture.

| GLASS | Glass items such as wine glasses, decanters or flasks engrave with a frosted white effect. The frosted design contrasts nicely against the glass surface but is not deep like sandblasting, allowing for a more delicate look.

| METAL | We typically engrave metal that has been anodized or powder coated. The laser then removes this outer coloring and exposes the stainless steel or aluminum beneath. The result is an engraving that is either white (in the case of anodized aluminum) or silver/gray (in the case of powder coated stainless steel). Most unfinished metals cannot be engraved without a bonding agent as the laser beam simply reflects off the surface much like a light against a mirror.